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Minorite church

One of the nicest Baroque churches of Central Europe. Minorite church with a dynamic facade construction and also having a very unique interiour with frescos and the altar picture showing scenes from the life of St Antony is situated on Dobó square. Every day at 11, 15 and 18 o'clock chimes can be heard from the church. On the left of the church the eclectic building of the local government can be found dating back to the beginning of 20th c.
History of the church...

Mass in polish in the St. Antony Church

2016. 06. 28. In july and august, there is mass in polish every sunday at 10. am.


2016. 05. 04. In the main season (15. May – 15. October) visitors can listen to organ concerts every day.

Monday-Saturday: 11.30 - 12.00
Sunday: 12.45 - 13.15

  • Student & Senior Citizens 500 HUF/ person
  • Adult 700 HUF/ person
Mass times, opening hours Holy Mass is said each morning in the side Chapel (Chapel of Saint Stephen the Martyr). Monday-Friday 8.30 am The Holy Masses of Saturday and Sunday take place at the Sanctuary. Saturday 5 pm Sunday 8.30 am 10.30 am 5 pm During services visitors are allowed to enter the Treasury, Panorama Hall and Dome through King's Gate on the western side of the Cathedral. Dress Code Please note, that the Cathedral is the place of daily worship and prayer. In order to keep respectful atmosphere in the Cathedral shirts without sleeves are not permitted, shorts and women skirts must be at least knee-length.


The Basilica is the only one Classicist building in Eger, the second largest church in Hungary. It was built by the designs of József Hild from 1831 to 1836, ordered by archbishop Pyrker. The statues standing outside the cathedral are works of Marco Casagrande. The organ of the Basilica was made by company Moser in Salzburg at the end of 19th c. In the main season (15. May – 15. October) visitors can listen to organ concerts every day at noon time. The frescos decorating the domes of the church were painted by István Takács artist from Mezőkövesd, so typical folkart motives of his homeland can be discovered in his paintings. „The heart having beaten for Eger should stay in Eger" this was the last wish of the builder, János Pyrker, whose heart is buried in the central part of the crypt of the cathedral.

Látogatható a Szépasszonyvölgyi kápolna

2015. 06. 06. Forrás: Eger Egyházmegye  Június elejétől szeptember végéig minden szombaton 15.00 órától 18.00 óráig
 látogatható a kápolna. Bővebben >>

  A kápolna búcsúja július 5-én vasárnap a 8 órakkor kezdődő szentmisében volt, melyet Lengyel Gyula atya végzett. Visiting the Church is free of charge for individual visitors and for liturgical purposes.